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14 thoughts on “【C基金直播】繼續看好港股A股│順豐 (002352) 收購嘉里物流 (636) 簡評│II-VI (IIVI) 業績發佈最新分析(CFundLive 20210210)

  1. 1. SF has already bought DHL Warehousing in China years ago.
    2. Depends on the deal with Kerry, whether they will sell the warehouse of kerry back to 嘉里建設
    3. SF is a very localized company in China/HKG for express biz, this deal can help SF to be more globalized with footprint in other parts of the world esp in South East Asia

  2. Wanna ask Kelvin if you have looked into IMAB and if so what is the team's view compared to other BioTech in the same category? IMAB seems to have a very strong management . Thx

  3. 浩德,唔知你對ASML有乜睇法?Thanks!
    少少諗法:絕對壟斷,股價長期領導者。之前貿戰令中國需求受壓令到佢落後,但拜登上場應至少唔會再差落去。而家Foundry供應緊張係去到國家層面都出聲,未來大加產能(TSM已經講咗)應該係必然。當然估值超貴,而長息上升係風險因為會拉低估值,但inflation breakeven (10Y)已升到2.2%(過去~20年的區間中上水平),拉動長息上升風險可能稍稍降低(?)。


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