在發布日期的前兩個月,我們終於為She-ra和《權力的公主》製作了一部預告片。 大約40秒,真令人失望。 它不會…。

42 thoughts on “Netflix的She-ra看起來不太好

  1. Never watch the cartoon but I knew of the character growing up. I saw a movie review video several years ago not the swords of power movie. It was for the weird Christmas special they made with Herman and shera. I think it maybe have been Doug that reviewed it I’m not sure it was several years ago.

  2. Her expression in my opinion shouldnt be like smiling or what not, like I think she should stay the way she looks because she s supposed to look fierce and I completely agree that they accomplished her look in transformation.

  3. She Ra really really looks like a boy. Very muscular upper shoulders and arms. V shape upper body. Is She RA gender neutral ? Is she endowed with masculinity in order to be hero? Anyone notice It has a bulge. Transgender is fine but why She ra? A comment below called it She man and they have a point.

  4. My gripes at the show (as far as we've seen so far) is little more than what has already been said; She-ra, the female counterpart to the ultra-strong He-man, took the "she" from She-ra. It feels like the creators had an idea they want to give to cartoon-network but they knew it wouldn't fly, so they changed an existing product in order to make it work.
    What scares me most is when these people decide to introduce He-man to the story… he'll probably look like a plagiarized Steven Universe with a sword identical to She-ra's (like they did to Lion-o in Thindercats Roar), he'll be a bumbling idiotic, man-child

  5. A complete disconnect with the fans. SJW politics infused. A remake of an old I.P. deconstructed and ruined for money.

    Why do I feel that I have seen this happen before?

    "Do you guys, not have phones?"

  6. the thing is, that when i see these kind of changes, I know the writing is not gonna be any good. The show is gonna be boring and lazily done. because moral posturing is distraction. A substitute for talent, for the ability and effort to create compelling content that people WANT to see rather than feel they OUGHT TO.

  7. because of watching some of your other videos on this topic, i just watched like the first 4 episodes of the original She-Ra.
    I was impressed that it was actually a very compelling story and I want to continue watching it. for basically just a glorified toy comercial, they really seemed to take the time to make an interesting story. as far as campy 80s cartoons go I thought it was really enjoyable.
    it makes me sad that all these women writers can't recognize actual good female characters. sure her original outfit could use an update to be a little less revealing, but the new design just kinda looks sloppy.

  8. I agree with a lot said here but you can't expect the voice over of a different clip that was put on to another clip (to add more dramatic effect) to match up… Yeah maybe that is something to also point at but it isn't supposed to line up . The show is definitely deeply flawed… There is some of it I enjoyed but not enough. Hopefully the seasons after redeem the show and the writers.

  9. They change skin colors to be more inclusive and yet she-ra (at least to me) looks more white racist idealistic , I mean her lighter colored blue eyes, her shinier lighter blonderl hair and I'm probablily not seeing her skin color right but it looks somewhat lighter than adora.

  10. Oh come on! That design has sooo many things on it that could be easily fixed or improved. I'm not some great artist, I know many, many people who can draw better then me. But one thing I always try to is do my best. Sure eyes can be tricky to draw (the infamous 'other eye') and co can the eybrows but this is kind of ridiculous. This is not some fanart I drew during a study break. This is official artwork! But it doesn't look like that. It looks like a drawing on DevianArt that I might notice and say 'Oh this artist is ok but still has stuff to improve on'
    Let's put it this way. Anyone who cam draw a drawing as well as that design is (it's honestly not a bad drawing but it's not in professional level either) can put a bit more effort to fix these obvious mistakes.

  11. I feel as if the creators of She ra looked at her design , looked at her body and then looked at the time period and said. "She ra is a female character in the 80s/90s therefore she is just a flat , uninteresting , sex symbol of character " so they completely changed her

  12. More on the art in 0:46 coming from and artist, I shall nitpick the whole thing because it's really bad. Ready? Lighting round. GO!

    The left arm is anatomically incorrect as the forearm is too high. The armpit on the same arm isnt fully coloured in and the line doesn't smoothly connect. With the shorts you can tell they just used the paint bucket tool because you can see there is an overlap of white over the line work. The forearm plate on the right arm looks like its just part of the arm because its not slightly popped out like the other arm plate. Her left shoulder isn't alighned with the right, making it look too low. The emblem on her chest isnt even close to symmetrical. The collar on her neck is also unsymmetrical, making it look like she's looking slightly to the right. Her eyes are on the far right of the face, but the left eye is in the right place, making it too far from the other eye. The mouth is also way too too high.

    I have no idea why you read all of this but I hope you enjoyed me complaining about art. Thats it, bye bye.

  13. Oi, don't badmouth Sailor Moon; she was quite resistant until she heard her best friend being attacked. She also didn't angst and fumble as much as Adora was made to in the reboot, either. Better QUILTBAG representation, too; raise your hand if Haruka and Michiru's relationship thrilled you as well.

    Alas, Noelle was born a day before 1992, so was too young to remember Sailor Moon and didn't even exist when 80's cartoons were being aired. She was probably too young to remember Xena, and way out of the demographic for Daria. It's an open question if she was even watching Toonami before it was on hiatus. I honestly feel she has no frame of reference beyond the hodge-podge during her formative years, only learning of She-Ra through cultural osmosis and the nostalgia boom…which targets a demographic half as old again as her.

    I suspect Noelle, who at that point had two obscure comics and co-writing credits, jumped at the chance for exposure. As someone who latched onto a reboot to get out of obscurity myself I can't blame her for doing that. However, I actually saw what I was rebooting, researched the source material, and worked to have plot follow the characters rather than the other way around. Promoting an agenda is all well and good, but it needs to be done proficiently or it falls flat.

  14. It's the thumbnail and it looks sloppy. Is there no editor or something. I mean it's supposed to be like an advertisement, isn't it supposed to be their best work. Adora appearance is the worst part, she spends most her time as Adora and I guess think it seems all the quality goes towards He-Ra, I mean She-Ra, and they leave Adora looking like a plain Jane. They wanted her to not curvy or flat, but her designs are basic. She's dresses so boring, I mean the dress from princess prom. I hate that stupid hair poof, it's stupid, ugly, and pointless.

  15. You know I was real excite that She-Ra was getting a reboot, and I like
    it first unless I started to see it become mediocre. Here, I was hoping
    we would get another He-Man or spin off, or a cameo appearance and I was disappointed there was no He-Man or Prince Adam in the show, at first. But until I started watching the show, and seen the good, to mediocre, to bad writing, unfunny comedy, and sloppy art and animation. I was wrong, thank God they didn't have the rights to the rest of the masters of the universe characters franchise. I can only image what they do to He-Man, Cringer, Skeletor, Orko, etc… I can just image them screwing up some of the characters and their histories. For example, they could do something like make He-Man or others characters gay. They could make He-man a skinny wuss, or turn him into an idiot, or a jerk. They could aged him up or down to be even younger than Adora or older than her. Heck, they may of even changed prince Adam's gender, or reveal his secret identity to everybody as He-Man, to She-Man. They could even have screwed up characters like Skeletor, Orko, Cringer, etc… You seen the fan's reaction now, can you image what their reaction would be if they pull any of this kind of crap to the og characters of Masters of the Universe.

  16. so, when will everybody stop arguing on the internet when theres only about 4 big youtubers making money off of it? When will you realize that people like ClownfishTV don't actually care, and have other things to do, but make an extra buck off of all the outraged idiots on both sides of the SJW Spectrum? personally, I binge watched all of She Ra mostly because im simple, I see something for me to fall asleep watching, I click. I see skeletors ass, I click. Simple. I never watched the original, mostly because I hate old 80s designs, but seriously skeletor is the definition of Perfection, I'm gonna need an even bigger BONE for this one, mhmm.

  17. Spoilers I guess

    I suppose they didn't give Adora a choice because that was where they were heading with the whole reveal of Light Hope's plan and the Heart of Etheria project. So I think her real choice starts then, when she breaks the sword. Just an observation. An observation that doesn't make me feel any more positive about the show though. I don't hate it, but I definitely don't love it. Maybe this is just asking for a while bunch of subjective opinions downloaded into my brain, but I want to keep watching your videos because they seem well thought out and interesting, and I want to see if they can help me figure out where my dissatisfaction comes from.

  18. just came here to say that these comments kinda didn't expect how good the series actually is, even rotten tomatoes agrees on comparing it to avatar: the last airbender. so the show was a huge success, sorry if you were more focused on critizing it before the release than actually watching the show… and yeah, they didn't ruin anything, they just remade

  19. I originally gave this show a chance. Didn't listen to the negative things that were said about it and tried to enjoy the show for what it was. But now, thanks to the awful fanbase, the show focusing on shipping and "diversity" than actual good storytelling and the creators having the nerve to not only insult the original She-Ra, but also say she was a static character in the original and saying she was scantily clad (which isn't true. How is wearing a dress and high heels scantily clad? Or is it solely because of the cleavage?). I now kinda hate the show.

  20. Ok, I know I'm late but I am going to respectfully disagree with you. To give you two the benefit of the doubt, me and my friend did start watching the show because we thought that it had bad animation, however, after a few episodes we both started to genuinely enjoy it. I think it would be cool to see an updated video after you have actually have watched the whole show, and then you can come back and talk about your opinions on it. The animation does get progressively better throughout the show and it is actually really funny and inclusive. I hope you will take my advice, have a good evening.


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