Netflix製作了一部精彩的動畫電影,將於9月上映! Kim Horcher和Matt Atchity談論“下一代”。 讓我們知道您是否為…感到興奮。

35 thoughts on “Netflix的“下一代”是下一個“大英雄6”嗎?

  1. Couple other surprising things about this movie: it was made almost completely in Blender, an open source, free 3D software. Which is a first for a feature length movie this big, supposedly. And it was made in Canada, by a small-ish film studio with only a few previous movies to their name. As well, altho people keep saying its influenced by big hero 6 and other western films, it was actually based off a chinese comic written by the partner to the film studio (wang nima / baozou).

  2. It is like iRobot meets BayMax.
    If you can't decide if you want to watch iRobot or Big Hero, watch Next Gen

    It is like Will Smith's iRobots, Robot invasion of good robots in every household and they turn bad as the A.I. takes over and is corrupt and a special robot helps to rescue the world being selfless but independent. And the engineer is a good person bla bla.
    But the kid, Like in BayMax cute "I just want to help you" robot, just more rebellious and feministic, also lost a family member, get to know the special robot and saves the world like a hero, after misusing the robot out of hatred and then being a hero and in the finale the robot flies to space and baaam suicide mission to save the world.

    There you go. BayMax is cuter. Big Hero is way better and funnier. Storywise, animation, ideas. Well storywise not really as it is a copy lol.

  3. honestly, it was shit. you knew right away what was going to happen. i can just say, its not worth watching it at all. big hero 6 is 20 times better than this wannabe trash.

  4. Okay, so, I watched the movie, and I hope y'all respect my opinion, but I didn't like it. It wasn't completely like Big Hero 6, but some parts were similar, and I kinda didn't like that. Yeah, I know I'm picky but its just what I think. Mai, (I think that's how you spell her name) was quite annoying to me and I really tried to like her but I'm sorry, I just couldn't. I was actually rooting for the villain. If you like Next Gen, that's completely fine. I'm glad you enjoyed it, but I didn't. As for recommendation, I dunno honestly. Even though I don't like the movie, a lot of people appear to do, so, maybe just watch the trailer and see if it interests you. Anyways, that's all for what I think. Hope everyone has a great day! :^)


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