Mecool M8S Pro L和W:NETFLIX錯誤修復

19 thoughts on “Mecool M8S Pro L和W:NETFLIX錯誤修復

  1. Can someone help me out please. Today I've been unable to access Netflix on my android OS box. I kept getting this error message: Netflix error ui-800-3 (207003)
    I checked the connection and it says it can connect to the servers and everything but I can't get into it still.

    I tried restarting the box, clearing data and then uninstalling and reinstalling but nothing worked. So I decided to factory reset the box. But then it started getting this error message: Sorry we could not reach the Netflix service… (-100).

    I tried Netflix on my phone and my laptop and both worked perfectly. So I don't know what to do now.

    The box is the A95X PRO. Got it a few weeks ago. The Netflix fix Key was already burned and it worked. So that ain't the problem I think.

  2. Will not play Amazon Prime Video either. Waste of money for an Android TV front end that only plays Youtube. Would have been nice to know while all the shills were promoting this garbage in their 'review' and 'recommend' vidoes.

  3. ** New Fix **- Got the mecool W today and netflix suddenly stopped and playstore said it wasn't compatible. However finally after trial and error got it to work, go to widgets and install the netflix one then when you click the widget you go to the app and can watch!

  4. Hi Matthew I recently purchased an Android box a95x Pro it came with standard definition Netflix pre-installed as stock. I cannot uninstall it so I cannot upgrade it to high definition Netflix, in settings there is no option to uninstall Netflix. have you any ideas how I might be able to get around this thanks.


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