Netflix電視節目上的DayZ被佔領! 〜#DayZ獨立版

30 thoughts on “Netflix電視節目上的DayZ被佔領! 〜#DayZ獨立版

  1. A Norwegian here. I was actually watching this show not aware that DayZ was in it. Once I saw it, I was of course a little bit baffled. It was both cool and weird at the same time. I found it quite silly to be honest. These guys were just dancing around killing zombies, and the ingame sound made it sound like they were playing Call of Duty, but again, it's definitely worth a watch if you feel like you missed out on anything.

    In short: The show is about Norway being occupied by Russia (hence the name "Occupied"). "The Norwegian Police Security Service" (PST), working for their pro-Russian government are only trying to keep the peace, but this Norwegian resistance group is trying to start a fuzz. The resistance group are using DayZ and its direct chat to talk to each other in secret, and it is here PST is trying to infiltrate and go undercover.

    Edit: Spelling

  2. I used to play dayz back when it dropped, it was really fun when it was new. But nothing new happened, loads of bugs. Today its one of the most shittiest games out there, does people even play it anymore?

  3. This must be a reason why DayZ was killed. Possibly to make it easier to track down terrorists and criminals if they communicate through DayZ. Obviously in empty servers. Perhaps DayZ is ideal for that.

    Thats mighty conspiracy.

  4. Are you being annoying on purpose? You haven't watched a second of this show – my God you suck and are lazy af

    Edit: for a guy that is super appreciative of support not sure why you'd tie yourself to being stupid. Seriously man.


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